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Canvas maintenance method

issuer:company management center   view count:   release time:2014-09-17 16:35:01

1.put the natural ventilation the shade to dry after cleaning, don't put the hot sun sunlight or where you put the high temperature baking, in case the back glue or come unglued, accelerated aging.
2. non-professional labor rubber shoes don't contact with acid and alkali, salt and other chemicals, in order to avoid corrosion degumming to deformation.
3.uniform cleaning force should be gentle. Don't hard brush, so as not to break, or brush off shoe body design and decoration parts.
4.avoid contact with sharp sharp items, to prevent scratches.
5.for white canvas, don't contact with the carbon ink such as difficult to cleaning items. After the color of canvas is clean, in coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Attention to evenly, then dry, can prevent discoloration. Or find two clean white paper in the above, air-dried torn off. Also can prevent discoloration.
6. have a break, dropped, or loose decoration parts such as small problem should be timely repairs. In order to prolong its service life.
7. canvas shoes should be regularly cleaned to prevent mildew stunk. But don't use the washing machine. Some people think that canvas bending, price is low, too lazy to wash. Little imagine vestee of shoe body is different, use washing machine is easy to fall off fading.




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